Countdown to the Blitz Awards

With only a few days until the BLITZ AWARDS 2013 we thought it would be a great time to look back on past events.

The BLITZ AWARDS 2013 will be hitting the Ironworks on Sunday.  The show is known for its player highlight videos, emotional look backs and a the odd surprise along the way.  “Odd” being the key word in that sentence.  Some of the random events to happen in the past have included blowing up the Crazy Frog, a visit from Borat, Captain Jack Sparrow being hunted down on a Harley Davidson by our mascot Rocky…Oh and the Harley made a return in 2011 when presenter Darcy Ida burst into the Ironworks on one.  We’ve also been known for our dance sketches.  The first being this little number by Alan Hoseason (now the director of the BLITZ AWARDS) and his backing dancers from the Senior Highland Wildcats:

Then in 2012 the Youth Highland Wildcats carried on the tradition (yeah…it’s become a tradition…) along with  presenter Robbie Paulin with their take on Gangnam Style:

We can reveal right here that there WILL be another dance this year…God help us all!

So as well as the random comedy parts in the BLITZ AWARDS it’s also known for it’s emotional look backs and this year is no different. 2013 sees a lot of the original development players from 2006 now moving on from the squad and there is a video dedicated especially to them that looks back on their years with the Highland Wildcats; set to Coldplay’s Fix You… you so can kind of see where that video is going! The Blitz Achievement Award is a big one this year and looks back on an amazing journey of one of our star players.

If you feel like getting into the BLITZ AWARDS spirit you can have a look back at parts from the last two years of the show right here:



The doors open at 5:30pm on Sunday but check out in the run up to the event to see some behind the scenes photos and videos on our Instagram feed #highlandwildcats as the BLITZ AWARDS stage is built and during rehearsals.  You can add to the stream whenever you take an Instagram relating to the BLITZ AWARDS or the Highland Wildcats in general by using #highlandwildcats.



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