1463358_480877205360046_1381318452_nThe Highland Wildcats celebrated their achievements in 2013 yesterday at the BLITZ AWARDS 2013 in the Ironworks, Inverness.  This was the ninth BLITZ AWARDS and always the show was full of action, emotional moments and lots of comedy.

The show opened with a prophecy, monk sketch with Wildcats player Colin Hamilton and host Robbie Paulin….You have to see it really for it to make sense!  Then it was onto the awards. Gemma Crawford from the Ironworks kicked things off handing our Best Youth Running Back to Mark Pyper and the Junior prize went to Cameron Davies.

Robert Taylor, Editor of the Inverness Courier, took over the next lot of prize giving and presented the Youth and Junior Rookie of the Season to Stephen McMeechan and Luke Crant respectively.

Kyle Robertson received Best Quarterback from author of the Twelve Hidden Laws of Performance, Donald MacNaughton.  Also picking up prizes from the top Sports Psychologist was Loudon Wheeler and Jamie Anderson for Most Versatile Player Youth and Junior.

Marc Hindley from Canary Dwarf (the creators of this very website) handed over the Most Improved Player.  Jordan Anderson scooped the award for the Youth Wildcats and Mark Betts took it for the Juniors.  Five futher awards for improvement during the season were awarded to Haris Ryalls, Euan Crawford, Ewan Sime, Alex MacDonald and Craig Findlay.

Director of the BLITZ AWARDS 2013 Alan Hoseason presented the Dedication and Commitment Awards which included Mark Pyper, Luke Crant, Colin Hamilton, Lewis Meeks and Steven Oag.  He remained on stage to surprise Daniel Woodley who picked up Volunteer of the Year for his work with the Highland Wildcats and continuing commitment to the team.

The second half kicked off with the Lineman and saw Stephen McMeechan pick up his Second BLITZ AWARD of the night and his coach and mentor Davie Grant being awarded the Best Lineman for Junior presented by Susan Standish-White from HighLife Highland.

Two of the clubs sponsors took to the stage next to give out the Best Wide Receiver and Best Defense Skilled Player.  Phill Coe from PJC Entertainment handed our Best Defensive Skilled player to Chris Shaw and Kyle Robertson.  Then Donnie Chisholm from the Carpet Emporium presented Erem Demirel and Shaun Matheson with the Best Wide Receiver prize.

It was then up to Richard Gilbert from the Inverness Area Sports Council to reveal the results of the Players vote for the Players Choice Awards. Coming out on top for the Youth team was Mark Pyper, Stephen McMeechan and Euan Crawford.  For the Junior team it was Luke Crant, Cameron Davies and Lewis Meeks that got the most votes from their fellow players.

The show ended with the Blitz Achievement Award which is presented to a player that has show long term dedication to the Wildcats over multiple seasons.  This year saw the 2012 winner, Kyle Roberston, hand the award over to his fellow team mate Davie Grant. Davie went on to make the “tear jerker” speech.

Robbie Paulin who hosted the show commented: “Davie really does sum up what the Blitz Achievement Award is all about.  He’s been involved for several years and in that time has improved immensely.  We’ve never had a player that’s created such a big impact on the field and attracted so much attention from all over the UK and even all over the world.  And to top it off he’s given back to the team by coming back and coaching the Youth Highland Wildcats.

I want to say well done to all the winners but also to those nominated as it’s genuinely tough to win a BLITZ AWARDS especially in particular categories.  But that’s also what makes winning one so special!

The volunteers involved in the show on the day were fantastic and the Ironworks crew were outstanding.”

Pictures and videos from the awards will be released over the next few days!



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