Full Awards Now Online

That’s it! All of the BLITZ AWARDS 2013 is now available online. Enjoy, share, like and comment!

Former Wildcats player from 2006 – 2010, Darren MacDonald, said “Sitting watching all the Blitz Awards videos from this year is bringing me about some Nostalgia. I had some fantastic years with the Highland Wildcats alongside a number of amazing guys. I am so thankful to everyone who I played alongside, was coached by, and coached during my time at the Inverness Blitz. You really don’t realise how much the experience has molded you until you look back and see it changing other peoples lives. I think the ‘Positive Life Pathways’ and the ‘HACL’ are going to be fantastic ways to implement physical activity in young adolescents, whilst teaching a number of different life skills! Watching Davie Grant receive his award and make his speech shows just how huge an impact american football has had in his life…it is definitely immeasurable. Only a few years ago It was myself on that stage. Watching how I had transformed from such a shy individual, into someone who had developed goals and ambitions, experienced success and failure and shared it with friends. I know every who is part of the Highland Wildcats, past and present, will know exactly what I am referring to! Enjoy it while you can gentlemen. Appreciate it and be grateful for the opportunity”

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