Spotlight: Euan Crawford

Euan Crawford | Quarterback



Q. How did you get involved with the Highland Wildcats?

A. I first started the Wildcats when I stopped doing track running. I never really enjoyed it and decided to try something new. I’d done a couple of the Summer Cadet Contact Camps when I was younger and decided I to try it properly.  Last year was my first season with the Highland Wildcats.


Q. How has the Wildcats affected your life?

A. The Wildcats has affected my life in several ways. It has got me fit, taught me commitment and got me through some tough times. The Wildcats has always been somewhere where I can go and lose myself in the training and vent any frustration I had.  My mum recently passed away from cancer and the training and everyone at Wildcats has been a support over the past couple of years while she was going through treatment.  It’s given me something to focus on to help me carry on with so much going on.


Q. What is your favourite memory as a Wildcat?

A. Best memory is probably my first tournament, I first properly felt like a part of the team.


Q. What are your personal goals for the season?

A. Personal goals are to stay injury free and to throw no interceptions


Q. Which NFL team do you  support?

A. Not a big NFL supporter but I’d have to say the Broncos


Comment from Head Coach Robbie Paulin:

Euan has really stepped up this year.  The effort he shows in the gym is incredible and it’s starting to show on the field too.  The way he has handled something so tragic is genuinely inspiring.  When his mum passed away he turned it into positive energy and just carried on.  He personally inspired me, as I went through a similar experience, losing my mum just months after he did.  He’s shown such strong character and I can’t wait to see him go from strength to strength this season!



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