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Preview by Tom Green…

On the 10th of November 2013, Highland Wildcats Head Coach, Robbie Paulin set a goal to win the 2014 UK Championship at the BLITZ AWARDS 2013 hosted at the Ironworks (see video below). 5 months after the awards – one HACL season, a logo change, a new jersey and many long hours of training and work behind the scenes – the Wildcats are ready to start the campaign in Moray.


The first tournament of the campaign will be hosted by the Moray Tide on the 26th April at Lossiemouth where the Wildcats will have to take on the East Kilbride Pirates, the Hamilton Buccaneers and the newly formed Moray Tide.

 During the last three years the Highland Wildcats have won all 8 matches against the East Kilbride Pirates in the Youth League since the Pirates joined BAFANL  in 2011. Here are the previous 8 encounters between the sides.

Highland Wildcats Year East Kilbride Pirates
59 2013 24
40 2013 26
24 2013 19
18 2012 6
20 2012 0
27 2012 7
66 2011 13
20 2011 0

The Wildcats have also had a good record against the Hamilton Buccaneers. The Wildcats have won on all three occasions (one by default) in the 2013 season and the Wildcats will be looking to continue the run against the Buccaneers.

Here are the previous encounters between the sides.

Highland Wildcats Year Hamilton Buccaneers
1 2013 0
49 2013 18
55 2013 0


13172604114_d2d337cfd0_kThe Moray Tide are the only team in the tournament which the Highland Wildcats haven’t played. It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet each other on the field. The Moray Tide have however played a match against a HACL development squad on the day of Highland Bowl 1 where they were defeated 26-20 by the development team. However these were under HACL rules which didn’t allow blitzing which makes the encounter more fascinating from a neutrals perspective to see the teams play by BAFANL rules.



Game Schedule for the day

Highland Wildcats vs East Kilbride Pirates

Highland Wildcats vs Hamilton Buccaneers

Highland Wildcats VS Moray Tide


The Wildcats are ready for the challenge but the question is will they be in a position to fight for the UK Championship by the end of the regular season.



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