Spotlight: Kyle Holleyoake

Kyle Holleyoake | Running Back

Kyle Holleyoake

Q. How did you get involved with the Highland Wildcats?
A. I’ve always been interested in American football so I searched for places that i could try it out and I found the Highland wildcats, made inquiries and that’s where it all began…

Q. How has the Wildcats affected your life?
A. It has improved my life, it has helped me build my confidence, it’s given me a team to be apart of and new friends.

Q. What is your favourite memory as a Wildcat?
A. My favourite memory for the wildcats would have to be when I got picked for the first tournament.

Q. What are your personal goals for the season?
A. My personal goals would have to be: be enthusiastic and achieve the best I can be.

Q. Which NFL team do you support?
A. I don’t support any NFL Team.

Kyle Holleyoake

Robbie Paulin – Head Coach’s Comments:

Kyle joined in one of our summer development camps last year and I remember my staff telling me that he stood out a mile.  He was then part of the Black Isle Stags, a development team for our Highland Academy Community League, in which he made a big impact at Running Back for this team!

He became part of the Youth Highland Wildcats Practice squad this year and has gone from strength to strength, even earning himself a slot in our 21 selected players for the opening tournament in Moray.  His work in the pre-season paid off when he picked up some points for the team.

His confidence has come on a lot and being one of our younger players, I feel he’s got a lot of potential in years to come.



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