Spotlight: Jerome Hall



How did you get involved with the Highland Wildcats?

My friend Donald Ball was talking about it when he started playing (at the start of the HACL 2014 Season) and it sounded like fun so I decided to go along to the first session and it went from there.


How as being part of the Wildcats changed you?

Playing for Wildcats has made me more active as before it I did little sport. I’ve also noticed lots of improvements in fitness in and outside of American Football.


What’s been your favourite moment so far?

IMG_5421My best memory would have to be the Easter camp, even though it was really tiring it was a great experience and I really noticed myself improving all the time. I look forward to another experience like it.


What are your goals this season?

Before the season my goals were just to improve as player so that I could get better for the HACL 2014 and the next season, so I could get game time next year. Now my goals are to keep on giving 100% at practices and try to get as much game time as possible this season and try to keep improving.


What NFL team do you support?

I currently don’t support any NFL team but I’m open to suggestions for what I should support…


“Jerome’s effort and dedication has really shown from the moment he started with the Wildcats this year.  In fact, he was one of the most dedicated players for his Community League team, the Inverness Royal Academy Sharks, as well!  I feel he’s one of our most improved youth players so far in 2014 and hope that he keeps going that way as we move out of the regular season and towards playoffs.  I’m predicting that we’ll see a big difference in him in the 2015 HACL season!” – Head Coach, Robbie Paulin


Photos by Tom Green



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