HACL Select Exhibition


Article by Tom Green / Photos by Scott MacDonald


Match Officials
Daniel Woodley (Referee)
Edan Gardner (Line Judge)
David Smith (Field Judge)

Box Score:

Team 1st Half 2nd Half Full Score
Black Isle/Culloden 12 16 26
Millburn/IRA 0 12 12

Score Summary:

1st Half

BLA/CUL Touchdown – Kyle Holleyoake RB – 27 Yard Rush

BLA/CUL Touchdown – Kyle Holleyoake RB – 45 Yard Rush

2nd Half

MIL/IRA Touchdown – Euan Milton RB – 23 Yard Rush

BLA/CUL Touchdown – James Maclean QB to Lewis Taylor WR – 11 Yard Pass

MIL/IRA Touchdown – Connol Kelly QB to Callum McCadden RB – 17 Yard Pass

BLA/CUL Touchdown – James Maclean QB to Lewis Taylor WR – 19 Yard Pass

BLA/CUL 2 Extra Points – James Maclean QB to Lewis Taylor WR – 12 Yard Pass

Before Highland Bowl II the HACL held its first ever select game giving players in teams which didn’t qualify for the Highland Bowl a chance to show off their skills at the final event. Here is a rough guide to last Saturday’s Select Game:

1) The teams which finished in 3rd and 6th place made up one team. (Some unaffiliated players from Nairn also played for this team).

2) The teams which finished in 4th and 5th place made up the other team.

3) Regular HACL game rules applied.

Game Report

16629668449_8a3452ffb8_kBlack Isle/Culloden started off the game strongly in their first drive resulting in a 23 yard rushing touchdown by Kyle Holleyoake (Black Isle Stags). Unfortunately for Black Isle/Culloden they could not score on the extra point attempt leaving the score at 6-0.

Millburn/IRA’s response was promising on the next drive with running back Callum McCadden (Nairn) rushing 23 yards but the offense as a whole gave away too many penalties resulting in a quick 4 and out.The next two drives were also quick four and outs due to good work by both defences to shut down the passing game.

Black Isle/Culloden eventually got their second touchdown of the game near the two minute warning when Kyle Holleyoake (Black Isle Stags) scored a 45 yard rushing touchdown. Unfortunately they could not convert the extra point attempt leaving the score at 12-0.

The last two drives of the half were 4 and outs with the best moment in this passage of play being a 15 yard rush from Callum McCadden.

Millburn/IRA started the second half off with a 23 yard rushing touchdown from Euan Milton (Nairn) to open their scoring account. Although the extra point attempt was unsuccessful the game suddenly burst into life.

On the very next drive the Black Isle/Culloden QB James Maclean threw the first passing touchdown of the afternoon which was received by Lewis Taylor (Black Isle) 11 yards away. They unfortunately didn’t score on the extra point attempt and this passage of play led to the score being 18-6.

Millburn/IRA needed to respond to this play quickly and that is exactly what they did. QB Connol Kelly threw the ball 17 yards down the field to McCadden for his second touchdown of the game. The extra point attempt may have been unsuccessful but the lead was reduced to 6 points as the score was 18-12.

Black Isle/Culloden then finished the game out with a 4th and final touchdown to finish off Millburn/IRA. The final blow was delivered by QB James Maclean who threw it 19 yards to Taylor. Black Isle/Culloden then scored the only 2 point conversion of the game straight afterwards in a repeat of the previous plays results.

Both teams then shut each other out in the final few minutes of the game and it resulted in a 26-12 win for the Black Isle/Culloden select team.

Quarterback Statistics

Player Name Team Att Com Com % TD INT Passer Rating
James Maclean Black Isle/Culloden 17 9 52.94 2 0 108.70
Connol Kelly Millburn/IRA 13 1 7.69 1 0 39.58
Callum McCadden Millburn/IRA 1 0 0.00 0 0 2.08

QB ratings calculated using the Official QB Rating formula used by the NFL.

Running Back Statistics

Player Name Team Yds TD Yds/Play
Kyle Holleyoake Black Isle/Culloden 126 2 14.0
Euan Milton Millburn/IRA 119 1 10.8
Callum McCadden Millburn/IRA 50 0 10.0
David Robertson Black Isle/Culloden 22 0 7.3



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