Week 1: Players of the Week

Article by Tom Green…

How Players are selected:

The players who qualify for Player of the Week are determined by a points system which many NFL fantasy league players will be familiar with. The only changes to the NFL fantasy system is the yards required for points due to the smaller size of the field. I have also included a points system for tackles (1 point per tackles (solo/assisted) aswell as any points for sacks).

Pirates Game 1 huddle

Offensive Player of the Week:

1 : Chris Shaw (QB) – 31 Points

2: Mark Pyper (TB) – 17 Points

=3: Erem Demirel (WR) – 16 Points

=3: Paul Noble (TB) – 16 Points

5: Ryan Topp (WR) – 15 Points

Pirates Game 1 Chris ShawChris’s Statistics for the game:

Passing Yards 99
Yards/Attempt 12.37
Passing Attempts 8
Completions 6
Incompletions 2
Completion % 75
Passing Touchdowns 1
Rushing Yards 51
Yards/Attempt 17
Rushing Touchdowns 2
Fantasy Rating 31


Coach’s Note (Robbie Paulin, Head Coach): “Chris has improved year on year. If somebody told me that he would be ranking top in one of our games I don’t think I would have believed you. But he is without a doubt the most determined player I have ever coached. His attitude is outstanding and nothing phases him. If a player is ever in any doubt, how to react, or what attitude to take, my advice is, “Do what Chris would do!’”


Defensive Player of the Week:

1: Nathan Ross (LB) – 18 Points

2: Jordan Anderson (LB) – 14 Points

3: Erem Demirel (DE) – 8 Points

4: Stig McArthur (CB) – 4 Points

5: Ewan Sime (LB) – 3 Points

Pirates Game 1 Nathan RossNathan’s Statistics for the game:

Tackles Solo/Assisted 0/2
Sacks 8
Fumbles Caused 1
Fantasy Rating 18

Coach’s Note (Robbie Paulin, Head Coach): “Breaking a record in your first game at U19 is a brilliant achievement. Nathan is a true athlete and has worked hard to get into the shape that he’s in. For somebody that caused so much impact in a game, he just works away quietly at practice. Another player with a great attitude!”



Chris Shaw (QB) 31
Mark Pyper (TB) 17
Erem Demirel (WR) 16
Paul Noble (TB) 16
Ryan Topp (WR) 15
Declan Maclennan (RB) 14
Niall Martin (TE) 13
Euan Crawford (QB) 12
Ewan Sime (WR) 8
Colin Hamilton (C) 5


Nathan Ross (LB) 18
Jordan Anderson (LB) 14
Erem Demirel (DE) 8
Stig McArthur (CB) 4
Chris Shaw (CB) 3
Ewan Sime (LB) 2
Declan Maclennan (LB) 2
Haris Ryalls (CB) 2
Mark Pyper (LB) 2
Colin Hamilton (NT) 2



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