Youth: Players of the Week

Article by Tom Green…

Player of the Week Youth 1

How Players are selected:

The players who qualify for Player of the Week are determined by a points system which many NFL fantasy league players will be familiar with. The only changes to the NFL fantasy system is the yards required for points due to the smaller size of the field. I have also included a points system for tackles (1 point per tackles (solo/assisted) as well as any points for sacks).

Average Offensive Fantasy Ranking

Mark Pyper 43
Kyle Holleyoake 42
Euan Crawford 19
Alasdair Howie 14
Callum Mccadden 13
Alasdair Howie 11
Euan Trommino 10.6
Stephen McMeechan 10
Efem Demirel 7
Colin Hamilton 6
Lewis Hilditch 4
James Maclean 4
Alex Roberts 3.5


Average Defensive Fantasy Ranking

Alex Macpherson 9
Stephen McMeechan 7
Corin Robinson 7
Lewis  Taylor 5
Mark Pyper 4.3
David Robertson 4
Alasdair Howie 3.3
Euan Trommino 3
Scott Robertson 2
Fergus Mcintyre 2
Mikey Stewart 2
Ally Gibson 1
Callum Mccaden 1

Players of the Edinburgh Tournament

Offensive Player of the Tournament : Mark Pyper

Defensive Player of the Tournament: Alex Macpherson



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