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This year Equilibria have supported the Highland Wildcats 2015 campaign by providing an E-Colors in Sport course for their players and staff. This will take place at Millburn Academy on 22 July and because of Equilibria’s support it will be completely free for all members. This in-kind sponsorship from Equilibria has also allowed the Wildcats to access sportsmatch funding to further improve their volunteer coach development programme.

Lead Coach for the E-Colors in Sports Programme, Ben McMahon gave his background on how he became involved in E-Colors. “This year I enter my 15th year of coaching, I have coached in the UK and Spain and I always made sure that my players were technically proficient whenever they stepped foot onto the field, I have had great successes with this approach with players being selected to national teams and even select all-star teams, but there was always something in the back of my mind that I was missing giving them.”

He continued, “I was then introduced to E-Colors and pretty much right away it hit me. For all these years I had be coaching players not people, I had been missing a crucial part of their development and realised right away that I had to coach them the way that best suits them as an individual even if that was not the best way for me.

Mahon went on to speak more in detail about what E-Colors can bring to a team. “E-Colors gives coaches and teammates a way of getting the best out of each and every person in a clear and simple way that is very fast to implement within the team. It allows a team to understand why certain people behave the way that they do and helps understand each other’s strengths and potential limiters without prejudice and judgment. By being able to communicate to players and team mates in the most effect and positive way we have seen an increase in performance throughout the programmes that have implemented E-Colors by them being able to realise their full potential through understanding and increased communication.”

The Wildcats were involved in the first ever E-Colors in Sport course last year towards the end of the 2014 season. Here’s what Head Coach, Robbie Paulin had to say about their experience with the programme:



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