E-Colors Champions

E-Colors Champions

Ben McMahon from E-Colors talks about the Highland Wildcats, pioniering the E-Color’s Champion programme in Europe…

“Over the last two years it has been an absolute pleasure to bring E-Colors to the Highland Wildcats, but what makes it even more special is to see these young people grow and develop not just on the field but in the community as well.

On behalf of Equilibria, Tina McGregor and myself, I am thrilled that I am able to recommend that Euan Crawford, Haris Ryalls, Colin Hamilton, Chris Shaw and Stephen McMeechan be named E-Color champions which are the first of their kind in Europe.

Having had a chance to speak to them about their experience with E-Colors and personal intervention it became clear that they had learnt to implement and excel at both, leading them to be much more intentional leaders moving forward and to make the most of any opportunity that comes their way

I will be keeping an eye on these young men moving forward as I expect to see some great things as they guide others within the Highland community to becoming E-Colors champions.

An E-Colors champion is someone who has become fully aware of their own strengths and potential limiters and how best to use them. They understand that not everyone is the same and all need to be treated like individuals. There is an old saying: “treat someone how you would like to be treated”. At Equilibria we believe in something slightly different: “treat people how they would like to be treated”. An E-Color champion also understands personal intervention and the power of choice and that no one can control your actions but yourself.”

Here’s Ben McMahon and Tina McGregor talking a little bit about E-Colors at this year’s Blitz Awards back in November:



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