Highland Bowl III

Article by Tom Green…

Game Officials

Head Referee and Back Judge – Edan Gardner

Line Judge – Daniel Woodley

Field Judge – David Smith

Overall Game Statistics

Charleston Academy Knights   Black Isle Stags
6 Score 26
1 Passing TD 3
54 Passing Yards 29
0 Rushing TD 1
52 Rushing Yards 181
0 1PT Conversions 0
0 2PT Conversions 1
41.53% (27/65) Possession 58.47% (38/65)
0 Takeaways (Interceptions) 1


Scoring Summary

1st Half

CHA 6-0 BLA – Calvin Campbell to Sam MacKeddie (41yard Passing TD)

CHA 6-6 BLA – Mickey Stewart (4 Yard Rushing TD)

CHA 6-8 BLA – Kyle Holleyoake (12 Yard Rush 2pt Conversion)

CHA 6-14 BLA – James Maclean to Dean Brannen (4 Yard Passing TD)

2nd Half

CHA 6-20 BLA – James Maclean to Mickey Stewart (20 Yard Passing TD)

CHA 6-26 BLA – James Maclean to Lewis Taylor (4 Yard Passing TD)



Last Saturday the Black Isle Stags defeated the Charleston Academy Knights 26-6 to win the third HACL Highland Bowl. During the regular season the Knights got the better of the Stags on both occasions but on the day the Black Isle Stags took control.

Charleston won the toss and elected to receive the ball and started off the game strongly with a decisive 2 play drive which resulted in Calvin Campbell throwing a 41 yard pass to receiver Sam MacKeddie who took the ball into the endzone for a touchdown. The conversion attempt which followed the touchdown was stopped by the Black Isle defense to keep the score at 6-0.

The Stags then came out on the following drive with two strong rushes from running back Kyle Holleyoake (the first was a 1 yard rush and the second was a 9 yard rush) but unfortunately the Stags were unable to get enough yards for the first down which resulted in a turnover on downs. This was due to the tight coverage by the Knights defense which effectively shut down the Stags passing game.

The Knights then had the opportunity to double their lead on the second drive of the game in a series that was riddled with penalties. This resulted in the Knights getting a quick first down. However the Black Isle Stags improved their coverage making it difficult for Campbell to find an open receiver which resulted in the Knights turning over the ball on downs after an 8 play drive.

The Black Isle Stags responded to this big stop on defense with a more substantial drive where Kyle Holleyoake took the offense on his back rushing for 38 yards over 5 plays. This then set up Mickey Stewart to rush in for a 6 yard rushing touchdown. The Stags then took the lead on the next play when Holleyoake successfully rushed into the endzone on the two point conversion attempt.

The Stags now had the momentum in the game and were putting serious pressure on the Charleston offense. This resulted initially in a fumble (which was recovered by Fergus McIntyre) but to make matters worse, the following play was intercepted by Dean Brannen who took the ball into the endzone. Dean Brannen’s touchdown was pulled back because of a penalty after the interception.

The Black Isle now had the ball in promising field position and 3 plays later James Maclean threw a 4 yard passing touchdown to Brannen. The conversion attempt which followed the touchdown was unsuccessful but it meant that the Stags would go into the second half with an 8 point lead.

After the half time intermission the Stags started to take control of the game and they mounted a 10 play drive (due to various penalties which occurred during it) consisting of solid rushing by Kyle Holleyoake and a series of solid passing by Maclean. This resulted in Maclean throwing a 20 yard pass down field to Mickey Stewart for a touchdown. This effectively put the game out of reach for the Knights. The 2pt conversion attempt which followed the touchdown was unsuccessful but it really didn’t matter in the end.

Charleston were then held to a quick 3 and out which gave possession back to the Stags. The drive was short and sweet with Holleyoake taking the ball into the no run zone on the opening play of the drive by rushing 38 yards down field only to be stopped by the Charleston secondary. 3 plays later the Stags then increased their lead once more as Maclean found receiver Lewis Taylor on the end of a 4 yard touchdown pass. This would turn out to be the last scoring play of the game because the conversion attempt to follow was incomplete.

The game then ended with 3 quick 3 and outs by both Charleston and the Black Isle to end the third instalment of the HACL Highland Bowl.



Kyle Holleyoake (Black Isle Stags)

174 Rushing Yards (Averaging 8.2 Yards per Carry)

The Highland Bowl’s MVP was awarded to running back and Wildcats veteran Kyle Holleyoake for his exceptional performance in the back field for the Stags. Despite not scoring a touchdown the young running back was instrumental in the victory by setting up several scoring drives whilst on his way to a huge 174 yard game. Coincidentally this was also his first ever recorded 100 yard game (his best recorded performance before that was a 99 yard game for the Wildcats last year).

Individual Player Stats

Passing Statistics

Attempts Completions Yards TD INT Passer Rating
James Maclean (Black Isle) 11 3 29 3 0 79.16666667
Calvin Campbell (Charleston) 14 2 54 1 1 33.63095238


Rushing Statistics

Attempts Yards TD/XP
Kyle Holleyoake (Black Isle) 21 174 0/1
Craig Robertson (Charleston) 4 28 0/0
Anthony Arenas (Charleston) 4 19 0/0
Mickey Stewart (Black Isle 2 9 1/0
Sam MacKeddie (Charleston) 1 5 0/0
Cameron Oag (Black Isle) 1 -2 0/0


Receiving Statistics

Attempts Yards TD/XP
Sam MacKeddie (Charleston) 1 41 1/0
Mickey Stewart (Black Isle) 1 20 1/0
Fergus McIntyre (Charleston) 1 10 0/0
Dean Brannen (Black Isle) 1 4 1/0
Lewis Taylor (Black Isle 1 4 1/0


Defensive Statistics

Solo Tackles Assisted Tackles Interceptions TD Batt Downs
Lewis Hilditch (CHA) 6 5 0 0 1
Lewis Taylor (BLA) 2 2 0 0 1
Mickey Stewart (BLA) 2 2 0 0 1
Fergus McIntyre (CHA) 2 0 0 0 0
90 (CHA) 2 0 0 0 0
38 (CHA) 1 5 0 0 0
Scott Robertson (BLA) 1 4 0 0 0
44 (CHA) 1 4 0 0 0
Dean Brannen (BLA) 1 1 1 0 0
Craig Roberston (CHA) 1 1 0 0 0
99 (CHA) 1 0 0 0 0




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