HACL Results: Sharks 40-41 Preds

Sharks 40-41 Predators

Article by Tom Green…

Box Score

  1st Half 2nd Half Final Score
IRA Sharks 18 22 40
IHS/Culloden Predators 21 20 41


Scoring Summary



Rory Grant – 5 Touchdowns, 1 Defensive Touchdown, 2 XP

Efem Demirel – 2 XP

Craig Ross – 1 XP



Ehren Harvey – 2 Touchdowns

Ben Sandever – 1 Touchdown, 1 Safety

Wiktor Maziak – 2 Touchdowns

David Murray – 1 Touchdown

Lewis Robertson – 1 Touchdown


The Highland Academy Community League kicked off last Saturday with a bang as the Inverness Predators defeated the Inverness Royal Academy Sharks 41-40. This was the highest scoring game in HACL history and the 6th time the Inverness Royal Academy Sharks have been involved in a 60+ point game. The game was also a tightly fought affair which came down to the final play of the game.

The Predators offensive unit had a strong first half which allowed Rory Grant (Predators) to score 3 touchdowns and two extra points. The other extra point in the half was scored by Craig Ross. In previous years this would have signalled disaster for the Sharks but the team has made noticeable improvements in the preseason which resulted in them scoring 18 points in the first half. Ehren Harvey scored 2 touchdowns and the other Sharks touchdown was scored by Ben Sandever. Unfortunately, for the Sharks, they were unable to convert their touchdowns which would turn out to be the difference between the two teams.

In the second half, Rory Grant scored 3 more touchdowns for the Predators including one resulting from a fumble. This was his 6th touchdown of the game and his 38th point of the campaign. To put this achievement into perspective he scored more points in this single game than the current HACL champions (the Black Isle Stags) did throughout the 1st week of the season. The other Predators points of the half were from by Efem Demirel who scored on a two point conversion.

The Sharks continued to put points on the board in the second half and ended up scoring 22 points. Most of the points in this half were scored by Running back Wiktor Maziak who racked up 2 touchdowns in his HACL debut. Lewis Robertson and David Murray also scored an offensive touchdown. The Sharks defense performed well in the second half which allowed Ben Sandever to score a safety.

The game went down to the final drive as the Sharks narrowed the Predators lead to just one point when David Murray (Sharks) scored his first touchdown of the 2017 campaign. The Sharks then attempted a 2pt conversion to win the game. The Predators defense successfully prevented the Sharks from scoring to win their first game of the season.


Highest Scoring HACL games

  1. Inverness Royal Academy Sharks 40-41 IHS/Culloden Predators (2017)
  2. Culloden Academy Raptors 28-50 Inverness Royal Academy Sharks (2015)

(This game was forfeited by the Sharks prior to the kickoff.)

  1. Inverness Royal Academy Sharks 0-73 Millburn Academy Eagles (2014)
  2. Inverness Royal Academy Sharks 6-64 Black Isle Stags (2016)
  3. Inverness Royal Academy Sharks 0-70 Inverness High School Predators
  4. Black Isle Stags 68-0 Culloden Academy Raptors (2015)
  5. Inverness High School Predators 55-12 Inverness Royal Academy Sharks (2014)
  6. Inverness High School Predators 39-26 Charleston Academy Knights (2015)
  7. Inverness High School Predators 50-12 Millburn Academy Eagles (2017)
  8. Charleston Academy Knights 35-26 Culloden Academy Raptors (2015)



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