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It’s finally all online! You can now watch all of the BLITZ AWARDS 2015 in its entirety. From our Hereos intro, to Davie getting electrocuted, to the parents’ Replacement spoof, all the awards, a musical dedicated to Stephan McMeechan, to Chris’s speech…it’s time to sit back and relive the 2015 season!

Davie Grant #75

Yesterday saw Davie Grant’s last practice coaching with the Highland Wildcats. Tom Green has written a special article looking back on Davie’s involvement with the team:


Player Profile

Name: Davie Grant

DOB: 6/11/1994 Position: NT/DT

Player Number:

#7 (2009)

#75 (2010-2013)

Playing Career:

Highland Wildcats (u17 Flag) 2009

Highland Wildcats (u17 Kitted) 2010-2011

Highland Wildcats (u19 Kitted) 2013

Personal Accolades:

Blitz Achievement Award 2013

Best Lineman 2013


Best Defensive Lineman 2011

Most Improved Player 2010

Team Honors (As Player)

UK Championship (u17) 2011

Scottish Championship (u17) 2010, 2011

Team Honors (As Coach)

UK Championship (u17) 2014

Scottish Championship (u17) 2012-2015


Lineman Coach and former Highland Wildcats NT/DT has accepted an offer to go to Stirling University where he has the opportunity to play for the 2013 and 2014 BUCS National Champions the Stirling Clansmen. As a result of this he will be unable to coach the line for the Highland Wildcats through the 2015 post-season due to the Clansmen’s training regime. Here is his football story so far.

Davie Grant first joined the Highland Wildcats back in 2008 at the age of 14 as a junior flag football player. When he joined he wasn’t in the best physical shape and was struggling to make his way through practices. Despite this he helped the Wildcats reach their first Junior UK Championship final back in 2009 where they played the Coventry Bears in the final. The Wildcats won convincingly in a 53-0 rout and became UK Champions for the first time with the young Grant apart of the team.

The Year after Davie moved up the ranks into the under 17 kitted team where he developed his skills as a lineman. Over that season he gradually improved and started to become a dangerous defensive threat which helped the Wildcats win their first Scottish kitted championship in over 5 years. As a result of his growing ability he won the 2010 Blitz Award for the Most Improved Player.

In 2011 Davie became a truly extraordinary player for his age as he demolished every single Centre that had the misfortune of getting in his way. This helped the Wildcats finish the regular season 14-0-1. He then won his second UK championship and his last one as a player when the Highland side won a nail biting final against the Woodham Warriors where the Highlanders won 38-34. This was after trailing by 2 points with only six seconds to go. As a result for his hard work he won the Defensive Lineman of the year at the 2011 Blitz Awards.

In 2012 he was no longer eligible to play at youth level and as the senior team pulled out of the league he couldn’t play domestically. But instead of just simply quitting he became a part of the coaching staff and helped develop the next generation of linemen. In that same year was also selected for the Football University (FBU) Europe Select team after impressing the coaches down at the Stirling Camp in September that year. Whilst with FBU Europe he played at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas where he played against, the British Columbia.

He then played his last season with the Wildcats in 2013 with the newly formed u19 team where he continued to show off his ability at the 11 man game. Despite Davie’s best efforts the Wildcats couldn’t qualify for the post season as they finished the season on a 3-4-1 record but his impact was felt across the division. As a result of his performances throughout his career with the Highlanders he won two awards at the Blitz Awards which followed. The first he won was the Best Lineman for 2013 and his second award of the night was the Blitz Achievement Award for his years of service with the club. In 2014 he concentrated on coaching and won his first Britbowl title as a coach and helped the team retain the Scottish Championship for the 5th time in a row.

Comments and Other Stuff

On a personal note when I was playing for the Junior Wildcats last year I was struggling to find a position which suited me. This meant that I was training with nearly every single Wildcats coach last year. Despite his scary nature on the field, Davie always made sure that everyone who went on his line was pushed hard but would always help those who were struggling. He would often take me to the side and help me go through stances and moves when I was with the D-Line. Although I ended up playing Running Back I am happy that I had the opportunity to train under his wing.

Head Coach, Robbie Paulin commented, “I remember when I first saw Davie at Inverness High School when we delivered flag football sessions there. He took some convincing to come along but I knew the sport could help him a lot…and that we could benefit from having him part of the team. He wasn’t the best athlete and struggled physically at first but he is living proof that determination and hard work can achieve amazing results. He is one of the highest achievers we’ve ever had come through the Wildcats and beyond his playing, he’s been a valued member of my staff. I know he’ll go on to do great things and look forward to the last few games with him on our sideline going in to Britbowl and the Scottish Final for U19.”

Remembering Bette


One year has passed since the Highland Wildcats lost one of the family.

A year ago today, one of the Wildcats founding members, Bette Paulin, passed away from Ovarian Cancer. Since then, the club and family and friends of Bette have raised over £1000 for Maggie’s Highland. The organisation renamed its volunteer of the year award in her name at the BLITZ AWARDS 2014. And throughout the year, kind words flooded in from all of the UK and across the globe speaking of Bette’s contribution to the game of American football and how much she cared for the young people she aimed to help.

“After she passed away there was a great spirit of everybody pulling together. Everybody did their part to try to take up the many roles she took on at The Blitz,” said Robbie Paulin, Bette’s son and also coach of the Highland Wildcats. “The organisation will never be the same without her, and a year on we all still miss her. But the example that she set, the structure she formed and even little quirky things she put in place, still live on with the volunteers that stepped into her shoes. I hope this team spirit and enjoyment will keep up as we head into the Highland Academy Community League this weekend – which she would have loved by the way! I know she would be so proud of what the Wildcats achieved in the last year and she would want everybody to keep ‘working their arses off’ and having the time of their lives!”

Below are links to Bette’s Award at the BLITZ AWARDS 2014 and her tribute video.

Link to Money for Maggie’s article

Link to Bette’s facebook gallery

One more part to go

The BLITZ AWARDS 2014, and the ten year celebration is nearly all online. Just one more part to go but for just now you can watch the all the other parts on the BLITZ AWARDS 2014 playlist.

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The Halftime Show



Camp as a row of pink tents… The BLITZ AWARDS 2014, the tenth anniversary of the show, saw the “Better than the Superbowl Halftime Show” Halftime Show, take place at – believe it or not – halftime on Sunday 16 November. It saw the Staff perform their take on Queen – I Want to Break Free; some of the coaches took on Beyonce – Single Ladies; the youth did Thriller and the Junior smashed High School Musical … they all had to learn the words specially for the show … Honestly, they didn’t know them before… And the halftime show finished with coaches James Hudson and Robbie Paulin showing us their Dirty Dancing!


Untitled-1 copy

Robbie speaks about the intro to the tenth anniversary show…

“The last few intros to the blitz awards have been a bit nuts. In 2012 Colin pranked me on the way to the show and, from his control room, commanded the team in an effort to pretty much ruin my day… Then in 2013 we were given a prophecy… Yeah it’s complicated but check them out below.

This year, for the tenth show, we’ve got experts working on a really special look back at the blitz awards to intro the 10th birthday celebrations. I just need to brush up on my time travelling laws and etiquette… Don’t want to mess up the timeline or anything.

Just before the show, make sure you keep an eye on the big screen because I’ll be sending you guys some video messages from a secret location…”



There’s more dancing this year … We can’t figure out if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing!

Because it’s the tenth blitz awards there needed to be something more, so we’ve got the “Better than the Superbowl Halftime Show” halftime show. This is when the the staff, youth and junior team dance in, what we think isn’t an exaggeration if it’s described as, a spectacular seven minutes of breathtaking talent … Then it’s down to you to decide which is the best. You’ll be able to vote for which act you think deserves to win the BLITZ AWARDS 2014 dance off! There will be four buckets, each representing one of the acts and the one with the most cash at the end will win. This will be announced later on the Wildcats facebook page.

The staff have done their take on Queen – I Want to Break Free…

The coaches, Davie, Dave Ronald and Robbie will be paying homage to the first ever dance performed at the BLITZ AWARDS, Beyonce – Single Ladies…

After all of the jersey rips making the squad look like a bunch of zombies, the youth Wildcats are doing Thriller…

And ’cause they say Wildcats a lot, the junior Wildcats are doing High School Musical…

And to top it all off there’s a Dirty Dancing inspired ended and a few other music videos. What could possibly go wrong… Choreographer Jeni might kill us all…


Dave Paulin talks about the up coming tenth anniversary celebration of the blitz awards…


“Wow! 10th Blitz awards! Each year it gets bigger and better!

I am lucky I get to preview it all, but there is a downside; I miss a lot of the show as I am working the video presentation.

This is also the first year that we don’t have the “Bette test.” Bette would watch every video and if she got goose bumps when watching it, then it was a go’er!

There have been some crazy ideas, some mad story lines and some great road trips in making the blitz awards over the years. However, this year we have time travel! Why? Why not?! You’ll see on the night…

Then there’s the halftime show…which hopes to clear up some of the mysteries of this season. How did the Blitz always look so clean and tidy, why did all our game tops rip and many more strange phenomena! All these are explained but in the weird and wonderful blitz awards style. Looking forward to seeing how it all fits together on the night.”

Remember to grab your tickets! They will be available at The Blitz from 2pm – 3pm tomorrow and also on Sunday. You can also buy them at the Ironworks Box Office or on Ticketmaster.


IMG_0098-7-2Robbie Paulin speaks about his tenth year hosting the BLITZ AWARDS…

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since I first said ‘Hello and welcome to the blitz awards 2005!’ Well actually it was only nine years ago because this is the tenth show … with me? You’ll work it out!

So yeah, this is the big one – the tenth show – and we’ve got some special bits lined up to celebrate the fantastic round number that is, the number ten!

We’re hopefully going to be kicking off the event with a special look back at the previous nine shows, it’s not quite ready yet though but we’ve still got experts working on it 24/7. Fingers crossed it’s ready in time! I’ll update you when you arrive at the Ironworks on the day so watch out for my messages on the big screen.

There’s also a round up video telling the story of the blitz awards themselves. Plus, the all singing all dancing half time show … it actually is all singing all dancing. We filmed a particular scene for it today and I doubt I’ll be forgetting it any time soon!

The voice of the blitz awards will of course be keeping us right throughout the show by shouting people’s names, stating the obvious and making us sound a lot slicker than we actually are. But this year, for the first time ever, he’ll also be using his face … his actual real life face! We’ll see words coming out of his mouth as he introduces the half time show.

There’s so many extra bits going on this year and surprises that I tend to forget about the actual awards themselves. They were really tough for the coaches to decide on this season and we had several rather long meetings about it. Even after that, we were still changing our minds up until about a week ago. The winners are bang on but there are a lot of people that will be missing out but we felt that it makes winning one a lot more special this year. I’d go as far as saying that getting nominated is almost the equivalent of winning an award in previous years … it is that tight!

I’m going to try to post a short blog every so often over the next few weeks so if you’re peeing yourself with excitement for the blitz awards it will hopefully keep you occupied for a while … and you should probably get that peeing thing checked out … ”


Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are now on sale for the BLITZ AWARDS 2014!

This will be the tenth BLITZ AWARDS and will take place in the Ironworks on Sunday, 16 November. Tickets are available from The Blitz and on TicketMaster.

As well as the usual look backs of the season, this year there will be a special look back at all ten years of the BLITZ AWARDS along with a butt-clenching, cring-worthy halftime show celebrating the best (and worst) “dance” sketches the event has given us since 2005…

This year will also see the renaming of the Volunteer of the Year Award to Bette’s Award in tribute to one of our founding members, Bette Paulin, who passed away earlier this year from Ovarian Cancer.


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