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Camp as a row of pink tents… The BLITZ AWARDS 2014, the tenth anniversary of the show, saw the “Better than the Superbowl Halftime Show” Halftime Show, take place at – believe it or not – halftime on Sunday 16 November. It saw the Staff perform their take on Queen – I Want to Break Free; some of the coaches took on Beyonce – Single Ladies; the youth did Thriller and the Junior smashed High School Musical … they all had to learn the words specially for the show … Honestly, they didn’t know them before… And the halftime show finished with coaches James Hudson and Robbie Paulin showing us their Dirty Dancing!


Dave Paulin talks about the up coming tenth anniversary celebration of the blitz awards…


“Wow! 10th Blitz awards! Each year it gets bigger and better!

I am lucky I get to preview it all, but there is a downside; I miss a lot of the show as I am working the video presentation.

This is also the first year that we don’t have the “Bette test.” Bette would watch every video and if she got goose bumps when watching it, then it was a go’er!

There have been some crazy ideas, some mad story lines and some great road trips in making the blitz awards over the years. However, this year we have time travel! Why? Why not?! You’ll see on the night…

Then there’s the halftime show…which hopes to clear up some of the mysteries of this season. How did the Blitz always look so clean and tidy, why did all our game tops rip and many more strange phenomena! All these are explained but in the weird and wonderful blitz awards style. Looking forward to seeing how it all fits together on the night.”

Remember to grab your tickets! They will be available at The Blitz from 2pm – 3pm tomorrow and also on Sunday. You can also buy them at the Ironworks Box Office or on Ticketmaster.


IMG_0098-7-2Robbie Paulin speaks about his tenth year hosting the BLITZ AWARDS…

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since I first said ‘Hello and welcome to the blitz awards 2005!’ Well actually it was only nine years ago because this is the tenth show … with me? You’ll work it out!

So yeah, this is the big one – the tenth show – and we’ve got some special bits lined up to celebrate the fantastic round number that is, the number ten!

We’re hopefully going to be kicking off the event with a special look back at the previous nine shows, it’s not quite ready yet though but we’ve still got experts working on it 24/7. Fingers crossed it’s ready in time! I’ll update you when you arrive at the Ironworks on the day so watch out for my messages on the big screen.

There’s also a round up video telling the story of the blitz awards themselves. Plus, the all singing all dancing half time show … it actually is all singing all dancing. We filmed a particular scene for it today and I doubt I’ll be forgetting it any time soon!

The voice of the blitz awards will of course be keeping us right throughout the show by shouting people’s names, stating the obvious and making us sound a lot slicker than we actually are. But this year, for the first time ever, he’ll also be using his face … his actual real life face! We’ll see words coming out of his mouth as he introduces the half time show.

There’s so many extra bits going on this year and surprises that I tend to forget about the actual awards themselves. They were really tough for the coaches to decide on this season and we had several rather long meetings about it. Even after that, we were still changing our minds up until about a week ago. The winners are bang on but there are a lot of people that will be missing out but we felt that it makes winning one a lot more special this year. I’d go as far as saying that getting nominated is almost the equivalent of winning an award in previous years … it is that tight!

I’m going to try to post a short blog every so often over the next few weeks so if you’re peeing yourself with excitement for the blitz awards it will hopefully keep you occupied for a while … and you should probably get that peeing thing checked out … ”


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